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Colgate Hack/Doc Fest: Day 3 – Moodle 2.4 Docs, Language Lesson

The third day of Moodle Hack/Doc Fest was a quiet one as people spent time finishing up projects.

One of these projects was documentation; documentation for Moodle 2.4 is now available through Google Drive. While the Doc’ers were able to spend some time reviewing Moodle 2.5, we don’t have documentation complete for that version. That said, 2.5 is more about improving usability than it is adding features, so the 2.4 documentation should still be helpful for those moving to 2.5. Read more

Colgate Hack/Doc Fest: Day 2 – LAE releases, Moodle 2.4 vs 2.5, Rubrics

The second day of Hack/Doc Fest at Colgate University saw the creation of betas of the Moodle: Liberal Arts Edition for 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5, lots of work evaluating 2.4 vs. 2.5, and development work on language lesson, scheduler, and Selenium test scripts.

We had two presentations — “Updates and new features to LAE Grade Suite, updates to Quickset block” by Bob Puffer, Luther College and “IPAL Web Clicker Demonstration” by Bill Junkin, Eckard College. Video of the presentations is available on CLAMP’s YouTube channelFinally we announced the winners of the CLAMP Recognition Awards for 2012-13.

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Colgate Hack/Doc Fest: Day 1 – Moodle 2.4 LAE, Quickmail, Schedule, Bootstrap

On the first day of Moodle Hack/Doc Fest the doc’ers worked their way through the Moodle 2.4 feature set and started getting ready to review Moodle 2.5. They also kicked around the responsive Bootstrap theme for Moodle 2.4 and 2.5. Meanwhile the Hackers put together a candidate release for Moodle 2.4 and dedicated cycles to working on Scheduler, Quickmail, Language Lesson, and the Moodle app.

We had three presentations, starting with Ken Newquist’s (Lafayette College) The State of Moodle, followed by Charles Fulton’s (Lafayette College) Moodle Grabbag Featuring  Roster View and Course Timer and Carly Born’s (Carleton College) Assignment 2.4 Overview. The presentations are available on YouTubeRead more

Presentations at Moodle Hack/Doc Fest at Colgate University

Moodle Hack/Doc Fest isn’t just about hacking and documentation; it’s also about talking. This week we’ll have seven lunchtime presentations including topics such as the State of CLAMP, Moodle theming, web-based clickers, and the Language Lesson Project.

Here’s the list of presentations that will be given Colgate University. All times are Eastern Daylight Saving Time. The presentations will be available with a 7-second delay via YouTube and live via a Google+ Hangout.

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