Recognition Awards

The CLAMP Recognition Awards are awarded annually to one programmer (hacker) and one instructional technologist (doc’er) to acknowledge outstanding achievement as members of the organization. These achievements include work on Moodle development, documentation, CLAMP organization and/or recruitment to CLAMP.

The value of this award is $500. To receive the award, individuals:

  • must be a member of a current CLAMP school
  • cannot be currently serving on the steering committee

Nominations are accepted in the Spring and award winners are announced at CLAMP’s Summer Hack/Doc Fest.

Award Winners


Hacker: Kevin Wiliarty (Hampshire College)
Doc’er: Chad Bergeron (Brandeis University)


Hacker: Joe Bacal (Smith College)
Doc’er: Dan Wheeler (Colgate University)


Hacker: Sarah Ryder (Hampshire College)
Doc’er: Matt Wright (Butler University)


Hacker: Ken Newquist (Lafayette College)
Doc’er: Fritz Vandover (Macalester College)


Hacker: Kevin Wiliarty (Smith College)
Doc’er: Jason Bennett (Kenyon College)


Hacker: Charles Fulton (Lafayette College)
Doc’er: Joe Murphy (Kenyon College)


Hacker: Daniel Landau (Reed College)
Doc’er: Courtney Bentley (Lafayette College)