Colgate Hack/Doc Fest: Day 0 (Code Sprint)

The Code and Documentation Sprint saw a lot of work yesterday, with the devs working through a new workflow for managing code in git and beginning to package up Moodle 2.4 LAE.

Daniel Landau (Reed College) upgraded Redmine was upgraded. Jedidiah Rex (Beloit College)¬†began testing Quickmail under Moodle 2.4 and discovered that “everything except compose works.” Obviously some debugging is needed.

The Doc’ers started testing the Bootstrap base theme. There are not a lot of options in the 2.4 version because it’s a backport from 2.5; the 2.5 version has more options. One thing we noticed is that any time you have a lot of stuff on the pages with quizes (questions, question bank). This is because it relies on a overflow rules, rather than re-stacking.¬†You’ll need to learn LESS templating system to build out your own child themes.

Kevin Wiliarty (Smith College) experimented with creating a block that lets you print a syllabus view of the course.

Carly Born (Carleton College) spent lots of time looking at Assignment 2.4. She also experimented with adding buttons through the TinyMCE GUI.