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CLAMP Moodle Exchange (CME)

The CLAMP Moodle Exchange (CME) is a Moodle installation where CLAMP members make heavy use of discussion forums about all things Moodle and CLAMP related.

The benefits of participating in CME discussions:

  • Content is archived and searchable
  • Users control email notifications from forum posts
  • Posts reach a large percentage of the CLAMP community

If you’re looking for help solving a problem quickly you may get a faster response by posting in Slack.

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SlackCLAMP uses Slack for real-time collaboration and communication. Slack provides a space for conversations organized by channels, private groups, and direct messages, and an easy way to share files.

Planning on attending a Hack/Doc Fest? Join the #hackdoc channel to keep up with what’s going on.

Have a question or suggestion? Post your thoughts in the #general channel to begin a discussion with other CLAMP members.

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Once you’ve joined the team, log in via a web browser or download the app.


TwitterAre you on Twitter? The official CLAMP Twitter account is @clamphq.

Keep an eye on #mdlhackfest during Hack/Doc events and #moodle for general Moodle discussions on Twitter.

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RedmineRedmine is used for project management, event planning, and documenting processes and tools.

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GitHubCLAMP uses GitHub to manage code and track issues. Need to report a bug with any CLAMP code or modules? Create an issue within the repository for that module or project on GitHub.

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Contributing Code

Want to contribute code to be included in the CLAMP Liberal Arts Edition (LAE)?