The version of Moodle run by CLAMP colleges varies between institutions. Many deploy the standard version released by Moodle HQ, while others run CLAMP’s Liberal Arts Edition (LAE), a Moodle distribution targeted toward small liberal arts colleges. The LAE includes bug fixes, enhancements, and a suite of plugins which our member schools find useful. CLAMP has maintained the distribution since Moodle 1.9.5.

There are two types of standard Moodle releases: major releases and minor (security) releases. Moodle HQ issues new minor releases every two months; CLAMP releases the LAE version of these within a week. Moodle HQ issues a new major release every six months; typically in October and May. CLAMP follows in January and July, after vetting the new release at a Hack/Doc Fest.

Moodle Packages


Feature Release

Maintenance Release

Maintenance Release

Maintenance Release

Contributing Code

CLAMP’s philosophy when it comes to adding to the Liberal Arts Edition is simple: try and get the bug fix or enhancement into standard Moodle first. That being said, CLAMP welcomes contributions to the Liberal Arts Edition.