Technologists love to learn new things, but professional development can be a challenge in higher education. CLAMP addresses this through targeted workshops designed to teach new skills or explore new technologies.

The workshops are intensely hands-on, with instructors teaching attendees a concept and then helping them put it to practical use. For example, during the Moodle Development workshop, attendees were given an overview of Moodle code development practices … and immediately put that knowledge to use fixing known bugs.

Workshop topics arise from within the community, typically through conversations on the CLAMP Moodle Exchange, in Slack, or at Moodle Hack/Doc Fests. Recent topics include “Moodle Development”, “Learning Ruby on Rails”, and “Learning Version Control with Git”.

Instructors are drawn from subject matter experts within the CLAMP community. CLAMP provides a travel stipend to these instructors to defray travel, lodging, and food costs.

Workshops are free and held at CLAMP member schools. Attendees are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and food. CLAMP reimburses the host institution for light breakfast and lunch during the workshop as well as other costs associated with the event.

If you would like to propose a workshop, email or start a discussion thread in the CLAMP Moodle Exchange.