Colgate Hack/Doc Fest: Day 1 – Moodle 2.4 LAE, Quickmail, Schedule, Bootstrap

On the first day of Moodle Hack/Doc Fest the doc’ers worked their way through the Moodle 2.4 feature set and started getting ready to review Moodle 2.5. They also kicked around the responsive Bootstrap theme for Moodle 2.4 and 2.5. Meanwhile the Hackers put together a candidate release for Moodle 2.4 and dedicated cycles to working on Scheduler, Quickmail, Language Lesson, and the Moodle app.

We had three presentations, starting with Ken Newquist’s (Lafayette College) The State of Moodle, followed by Charles Fulton’s (Lafayette College) Moodle Grabbag Featuring  Roster View and Course Timer and Carly Born’s (Carleton College) Assignment 2.4 Overview. The presentations are available on YouTube


Carly Born (Carleton College): Started with a document of what we wanted to test in Moodle 2.4; they have gotten around to almost all of it. A few people are looking at 2.3 documentation to see what updated.

Jason Bennett (Kenyon College): TinyMCE behaves strangely within iOS. Things also seen in Safari, but had trouble replicating. You could type indenfinitely, couldn’t regain focus on the field.

Jedidiah Rex (Beloit College): Quickmail works in 2.4 thanks to Charles Fulton’s efforts. Working through Bootstrap in 2.5 and don’t see any loss of function. There’s a setting for inverting breadcrumb colors. A lot of the testing revolved around the forms interface, which involves a lot of collapsible options for things like settings pages for workshops, assignments, courses, etc. Wondering if admin can choose what areas are collapsed or not. Might say that the enrollment dates are more important to have open than whatever the defaults were. The weird wrapping of quizzes still happens in 2.5.


Charles Fulton (Lafayette College): The Moodle 2.4 candidate release is ready and available in CLAMP’s git repo. The Moodle 2.5 candidate release will be ready sometime tomorrow. He also got the CLAMP’s version of Quickmail working in 2.4. We’ll be testing it with 2.5 tomorrow.

Willy Lee (Carleton College): Concentrated on breaking (and debugging)other people’s stuff.

Nate White (Carleton College): Worked on Scheduler fork that lets you multiselect slots. Another branch removing a bunch of functionality; taking it back to just scheduling. Removing the ability of people to be “seen”.

Kevin Wiliarty (Smith College): Created a block that provides a printer-friendly syllabus view of the course. You can create a custom header and footer for the syllabus. It should work with most Moodle themes, assuming that they retained Moodle’s HTML markup.

Bob Puffer (Luther College): Worked on the gnarly Gradebook problem of sum of grades never ignoring ungraded items. The metacourse interface revision (which reverts the metacourse selection interface to look like it did in Moodle 1.9) is done; he’ll be making a small interface tweak tomorrow based on feedback from the doc’ers.

Tim Yale (Lafayette College): Automated testing for LAE-specific features using Selenium.

Daniel Landau (Reed College): Daniel made progress on Language Lesson and got some LTI-integration working. He’ll be demoing it with Carly Born at lunch on Wednesday (moved up from its previous lunchtime slot on Thursday).

Bill Junkin (Eckerd College): Looked at the mobile app for Moodle, using Moodle 2.4. Willy spun it up and found it doesn’t work. Then tried it with 2.5, and didn’t work there either. App may be misinterpreting address of the web server in our dev environment because we use a subdirectory install.