Liberal Arts Edition v1.0 Released

Moodle Liberal Arts Edtion v1.0 is available for download. The project’s home page includes the full Liberal Arts Edition v1.0 package, as well as its components broken out for individual download. It also includes links to a number of recommended extensions that a number of CLAMP schools use, but need further development before they are folded into the LAE.

Included in the initial LAE release are:

  • TinyMCE 2.x: A WYSIWYG editor that replaces the outdated HTMLArea editor that ships with Moodle. TinyMCE offers a streamlined interface, DragMath support, and better cutting and pasting from Microsoft Word.
  • SimplePie RSS: A replacement for the deprecated Magpie RSS parser that included with Moodle. SimplePie RSS supports a greater variety of feeds than Magpie.
  • Quickmail: An simple block that allows faculty to quickly send an email to students in a class. This replicates functionality founding other LMS systems.
  • Filtered Course Block: A block that allows administrators to display a list of courses based on the current and future terms.

Visit the Moodle Liberal Arts Edition v1.0 page to download the full package or its individual components.

Update 11/4/09: There is a security release available for this version of the LAE.


  1. Andreas says:


    great, TinyMCE is a really good editor, I have integrated TinyMCE in Typo3 and ist good for publishers.
    So, I have one problem which I have had in the past, too.

    If I integrate another language (I need german) inside “your” LAE_Moodle I change the default language to german. Then I went into a course and after switching back to the startsite of Moodle the default language is english, but the dropdown language chooser shows german.
    Whats happened here, and is there a workaround for that issue?


  2. We’ll need to take a look at this – I remember having a similar issue when we tried to change the default message from English to English-U.S., but if I recall correctly, the problem was ultimately in Moodle core (meaning it’s in the vanilla version). I’l have to verify that though.

  3. Roland says:

    I’m dealing with the very same language issues. Have you found a solutions already? Thanks for your great work though, best Roland

    • Ken Newquist says:

      We haven’t had time to delve into this, but I’ve added it to the bug fixes we’ll be tackling at Hack/Doc Fest V. Hopefully we’ll be able to knock out a solution quickly once we a) have a bunch of coders in the same room and b) have dedicated time to work on the bug. 🙂

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