Hack/Doc at Brandeis: Day 3

Chad Bergeron demonstrates the Moodle Inline Trainer plugin. Photo credit: Charles Fulton

The last day of Hack/Doc, as usual, was a bit shorter due to attendee travel plans. We wrapped up around lunch time after some discussions about Moodle 3.6, student projects, and user training.

Moodle Inline Trainer

Chad Bergeron demonstrated the Moodle Inline Trainer, a plugin in use at Brandeis University. This plugin was developed by Zak Kolar, then a student, in partial fulfillment of his senior thesis on how teachers use technology. This is independent of Moodle’s “user tours” functionality. Teachers may select from a list of available trainings which provide step-by-step instructions. For some steps instructional videos are available. An overlay feature will highlight the next place to click if the teacher gets stuck. Usage data is collected for review by site administrators. The plugin is open source, but no formal release is planned.

Moodle 3.6 features

Download participants table

The new merged participants list now allows the downloading of enrolled users. Previously the only place to get that information was via the grader report. There’s a set of controls on the bottom of the participants page similar to the bulk user actions list. All the standard data formats are supported. You can select some or all the participants.

Forum emails will display images from authenticated courses

This change addresses a long-standing problem for many CLAMP schools: when a forum email notification is viewed in a desktop client, the images are not visible, because they’re behind authentication. We couldn’t get this working in CLAMP test instances, but that could be down to peculiarities with CLAMP’s environment.


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