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Liberal Arts Edition Update for 7/31

At Hack/Doc Fest we set a release date of July 31, 2009 for Moodle: Liberal Arts Edition v1.0, a packaged version of Moodle which incorporates our most-used modules, bug fixes, and home-grown and add-ons. Go to the Liberal Arts Edition v1.0 for a complete inventory.

The release date has been delayed until August 7, 2009 in order to give us more time to test code and put the finishing touches on our Subversion repository. Most of the LAE is completed, and we plan to start releasing stand-alone code next week. A test version of the final LAE build will be available on Wednesday, and the finished version will be available on Friday.

Those who have access to Redmine can download the current development version of the code through Subversion (and we welcome the additional testers). Instructions for doing so can be found in the Development project.