CLAMP Chat: Lean and Quirky

CLAMP’s third CLAMP Chat will take place on Friday, January 22, from 2:00-3:00 PM Eastern Time. Kevin Wiliarty of Hampshire College¬†will discuss Hampshire’s Moodle environment:

Hampshire College is a relatively young, very small liberal arts college in Amherst, Massachusetts. We don’t have letter grades, academic departments, or majors. Every student designs their own program of study, and the community at large values hands-on ingenuity and doing a lot with a little.

Hampshire’s Moodles reflect many of the community’s values and priorities. We have few external dependencies, and we try to steer clear in particular of high-cost, high-maintenance entanglements. On the other hand, we do maintain a small number of core hacks and home-grown plugins to help us deliver the Moodle we want. Join me on the CLAMPchat to see what kinds of trouble we get into and stay out of.

The chat will take place over Zoom. Please register for the chat using this link: