Moodle at the Crossroads NERCOMP Event

Kevin Wiliarty, senior web programmer at Hampshire College, attended and presented at the NERCOMP event, Moodle at the Crossroads, on Monday, April 11, 2016. Thanks to Kevin for sharing a quick recap of the event:

A big shout-out to Jason Simms (a CLAMPer from Wesleyan University) for putting together a great day of Moodle presentations at the recent NERCOMP Annual Conference in Lowell, MA. “Moodle at the Crossroads” featured five presentations that explored where Moodle is going and how best to move with it. My own presentation was about how new technologies are making it easier to bring students into Moodle programming. Sarah Oelker (a CLAMPer from Mount Holyoke College) and Alexandra Deschamp (from University of Massachusetts, Amherst) talked about small-scale and large-scale ways to support instructors’ gradebook needs. Simms showcased a Wesleyan solution for helping users find their courses across yearly instances, and Elizabeth Dalton (from Granite State College) gave everyone a glimpse of learning analytics reports that she is developing in connection with her doctoral dissertation.

The event was lively and well attended, and there was a strong CLAMP presence among the audience as well as on the slate: Joe Bacal (Smith College). Diane Creed (Connecticut College), and Dan Wheeler (Colgate University). Apologies in advance if I missed anyone!