February and March Forum Roundup

There has been a deluge of activity on the CLAMP Moodle Exchange (CME) forums over the last couple months. Here’s a sample of some of the topics folks are talking about it:

  • Registration is open for Summer 2016 Hack/Doc at Butler University.
  • Call for and discussion about Moodle User Association project proposals.
  • Grading workflow with iPad.
  • Graded assignments still showing as needing grades (possibly tied to MDL-41922).
  • Course archive strategy and log retention.
  • Questions about Starfish Retention Solutions and how integration works with metacourses.
  • CLAMP workshop survey, which closed on February 18.
  • Grader report display format and column alignment.
  • Update on gradebook issues with MDL-48634 being integrated for 3.1.
  • Experiences with outsourcing Moodle hosting.
  • Data permissions and cache purging.
  • An open academic technologist position at a CLAMP school.
  • Forum emails not being received by students.
  • Apache indexing: On vs Off.
  • Question about RSS feed behavior.

Head on over to the CME to join the discussions or post your own questions. There’s a lot of real-time conversation happening in Slack as well; join the team!