Project Suggestions for Moodle Hack/Doc Fest: Summer 2012

Moodle Hack/Doc Fest at Kalamazoo College is a month away and we’re looking for suggestions for bug fixes, documentation and new features for Moodle that the community would like us to address. You can add your requests by making a comment on this blog post. You don’t have to be attending Hack/Doc Fest to make suggestions — we’d like suggestions from the entire community.

We expect to work on the following:

  • Evaluation and testing of Moodle 2.3
  • Bug fixes and feature enhancements for inclusion in Moodle: Liberal Arts Edition 2.3
  • LAE Grader for Moodle 2.3


  1. Charles Fulton says:

    This is a list of stuff that’s already come up in discussion and is flagged for 2.2 and 2.3 at Kalamazoo. We won’t necessarily get to all of it and it would be helpful to know which of these are important:

    -Bulk Course Upload (
    -Restoring legacy course files into an existing course (
    -Allowing multiple email attachments (

    -Updating TinyMCE to the latest release (
    -Various LAE Grader maintenance issues


  2. Ken Newquist says:

    * Setting up a repo for IPAL
    * Packaging LAE releases for Moodle 1.9, Moodle 2.2 and Moodle 2.3.
    * Cucumber/Selenium test scripts
    * CLAMP server migration backend work (on sprint day)

  3. Kenton Smith says:

    While Butler is new to the CLAMP group, we have team members with several years of core Moodle experience and we piloted Moodle 2.1+ this past academic year. We’re running 2.2.1+ LAE v2.0 in a limited capacity this summer.

    2.2/2.3/In General:
    * Way to display organizations/communities separately from academic courses
    * Any improvements to existing Rubric functionality (particularly the ability to use a Point Range within each criterion) – Moodlerooms version ( and Blackboard 9.1 Rubrics (
    * Collapsed Topics format plugin – others interested in this until Folder View Format (by Moodlerooms) is released to the community; currently it breaks QuickMail (workaround to switch back to topics/weekly format to use QuickMail and then switch back to collapsed topics format)
    * Status on Census Report, Gradebook MaxGrade Patch (may enable Rubrics to be scored above 100 too), Scheduler for 2.2/2.3

    BTW – five of us will be attending Hack/Doc Fest. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone there!

  4. Bill Junkin says:

    1. Professors really like the drag and drop way of adding files. This is in the standard Moodle 2.3 distribution. However, it doesn’t seem to work with all browsers. When writing up instructions for professors it would be nice to have a list of browsers (probably with version numbers) for which the drag and drop feature works.
    2. In Moodle 2.0 to 2.2 (I have not checked it out in 2.3) if a teacher selects the “no grade” option for an assignment, then the student can’t see any posted feedback. I think a change in the script would take care of this (and the Moodle site seems to suggest such hacks). It might be good to include these (if possible) in the CLAMP distributions.
    3. Ken has mentioned the hope of having an IPAL (IN-class polling for All Learners) repository. In case anyone wants to start using IPAL now or later, the web site for information and obtaining the Moodle module is at
    4. If a module changes the frequency with which a module calls on the cron job to take action, when an upgrade is done to a module, the value for the frequency doesn’t seem to change. This bug has been fixed in version 2.3. This is a pretty obscure bug and may not be of any concern since it will only affect people if they are doing an upgrade of a module and the upgrade changes the frequency for the cron job.
    Bill Junkin (

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