Announcing the CLAMP Moodle Exchange

The Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Exchange is pleased to announce the launch of the CLAMP Moodle Exchange (CME). The site is the successor to the NITLE Moodle Exchange (NME) that was hosted by NITLE for the last several years and served as the launching off point for many of CLAMP’s efforts.

The CLAMP Moodle Exchange provides a place for instructional technologists, developers, and other Moodle enthusiasts to meet and discuss the open source learning management system. The new Moodle Exchange is free to use and open to the NITLE, CLAMP and the larger Moodle community.

We’ve migrated all of the content from the old NME to the new CLAMP Moodle Exchange, although we’ve archived much of the older or unused sections of the site.

You can log into the site using your original NME username, but you will need to reset your password when you do so. The site is accessible at:

CLAMP Members: Please note that you’ll need to use your old NME username to login, NOT your CLAMP username. Because the Moodle Exchange will be frequented by members of both CLAMP and NITLE, we’ve decided to maintain its stand-alone authentication.


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