Moodle Hack/Doc Fest: Summer 2010 is underway!

Moodle Hack/Doc Fest VI for Summer 2010 is underway at DePauw University!  Our priority projects for the first day of Hack/Doc Fest are as follows. The lead person for each task is asterisked.

  • Create Methodology for documenting CLAMP Code Changes (Rosalyn Metz*)
  • Evaluate MyMoodle Hacks (Bob Puffer*, Ben Johnson)
  • Other Dev Tasks (not in Redmine tracker)
    • Create 1.9.9+LAEv1.0 test instance. (done)
    • Create 1.9.9/Anonymous Forums test instance (done)
    • Create 1.9.9/TinyMCE 3 test instance (done)
  • Test Moodle 1.9.9+LAE1.0
    • Jason Alley*, Don Belkins, Keeta Martin, Jason Bennett
  • Evaluate Luther Gradebook Enhancements
    • Bob Puffer*, Michael Gough, Ken Newquist, Caroline Moore, Molly McManus
  • Test TinyMCE3 Integration
    • Cort Haldaman*
  • Test and Document Anonymous Forums
    • Charles Fulton* (
  • Evaluate eReserves Integration (Linda McCord)
    • Research the various eReserve options that integrate with Moodle and to report back to the group. DePauw uses ARES and has integration working.
    • If you are using an eReserves system, please make a comment below telling us what it is, and whether it’s hooked into Moodle.
  • Google Apps for Education Integration
    • Google Apps for Integration doesn’t work; we’re not proceeding with this right now.
  • Re-evaluate and test NanoGong integration
    • Nanogong doesn’t work. We may revisit this if time permits.