Requesting Hacks, Docs, Bugs for Hack/Doc Fest: Summer 2010

Hack/Doc Fest: Summer 2010 is coming, we’re looking for  suggestions for bug fixes, documentation and new features for Moodle  that the community would like us to address. You can add your requests by making a comment on this blog post. You don’t have to be attending Hack/Doc Fest to make suggestions — we’d like suggestions from the entire community.

Here are some potential items for Hack/Doc:

  • Moodle 1.9.9: Liberal Arts Edition: We will be doing the 1.9.8 code merge before Hack/Doc Fest, so work on this edition will focus on debugging/testing so that we can release it ASAP after the event.
  • Moodle 2.0 Beta Evaluation: There weren’t many tires to kick on Moodle 2.0 in January; we’ll be revisiting the new version (currently Moodle 2.0 Preview 1)


  1. Charles Fulton says:

    Anonymous forums: continuing what I started at the tail end of the last Hack/Doc.

  2. Ken Newquist says:

    I’d like to evaluate some of the mobile app options that are out there for Moodle. I’m thinking we could setup a test instance for the instructional technologists and have them beat up on it. I expect this is something all of us will be asked about sooner or later (if it hasn’t already happened — our boss was asking about this last week)


    Mobile Learning Engine

  3. I’d love to come up with some of the training scripts we’d discussed previously (e.g. howto scripts that people could use to record Camtasia/Screenflow/whatever videos for their own Moodle sites).

    I’d like to revisit having our own CLAMP version of Moodle up and running so people can try out different features of the LAE edition (e.g. simple file upload, assignment zip, etc.) and as part of that, revisiting a CLAMP moodle theme.

  4. I’d like to see a feature that allows for the site admin to disable the email confirmation “feature” after a new user creates an account. I’m building a self-enrolled site, and am seeing to many new users having problems with the email going right to their spam folder. Many of these are non-tech folks, so having to explain to them how to access their spam folder is tedious at best….

  5. I’ve been working with the Certificate module a lot and I have gotten it to do some pretty neat things that I don’t think people realize it can do.

    I’m thinking about building a GUI for customizing certificates, maybe something kind of slick with HTML5 and jQuery, how would I get started (I have the technical skills, but don’t know how to jump in)?

  6. Bob Puffer says:

    TinyMCE 3.5
    Luther gradebook enhancements
    myMoodle hacks
    Course settings block
    Google Apps for Ed integration

  7. Ken Newquist says:

    I’d like to see more about Google Apps for Education integration; in particular I’d love to have a “Google Doc” assignment type that tied back into Google docs. At this point though, the integration’s limited to single-sign on right? Will it do things like respect class lists? (e.g. only members of BIOL 101 can access Document X or Folder Z?)

  8. Ken Newquist says:

    At the CLAMP Development Committee meeting, the following additional tasks were suggested:

    * eReserve integration
    * iTunes integration
    * Google Docs integration

  9. Bob Puffer says:

    ***** NanoGong *****
    Yes, folks, Nanogong is back and actually working inside the 3.25 version of TinyMCE.

    Course settings block — Ken, I’m ashamed you’ve not been keeping up with your NITLE moodle exchange forum reading. You need a real job.

    The direction Luther’s going with Moodle – Google Apps for education integration is to avoid the modules released by Moodlerooms. The intention is NOT to use SSO. At this point Google 2-legged OAuth for Docs is in the labs so we’ve been testing it out with retrievable results. The schema calls for a Google account and its subsequent docs space and calendar to be created for each course opting into the Google-Moodle test. Read/write access given to instructors for a folder on that account (named after the course) and read given to any students showing up as enrolled in that course (with option for instructor to allow write access). Still open for discussion and collaboration.

  10. Ken Newquist says:

    >>Course settings block — Ken, I’m ashamed you’ve not been keeping up with your NITLE moodle exchange forum reading. You need a real job.<< Yeah, I feel like I've been on a vacation from Moodle for the last few weeks while working on mu Drupal and WordPress projects. 🙂 Nanogong working? Inconceivable! That said if the 1.98 merge and TinyMCE 3.x integration go well, I think we should definitely spend some time playing with NanoGong. It's one of those things that everyone wants to see implemented. Documenting different ways to integrate Moodle and Google seems like a good task for an instructional technology/developer pair. [[cough]] Jason Alley.

  11. Bob Puffer says:

    Should include the Sharing Cart block in the LAE, let schools choose whether they want to include it on their sites. VERY USEFUL but needs more visibility and we could supply it.

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