Moodle 1.9.7+LAE1 Update

We’re continuing to work on Moodle 1.9.7+LAE1; we’re in the final stages of bug squashing and testing, and hope to have it posted in the next two weeks. ¬†We’ll also have stand alone versions of Assignment ZIP and Simple File Upload at that time.


We’re now looking at mid-April.


  1. jstab says:

    Hope it is posted soon! We’ve been using 1.95 LAE and it works well but there are some nice things in 197… Are there any specific instructions (for the LAE version) for upgrading from an older (195LAE) version?

  2. Ken Newquist says:

    We’re getting there. We’ve completed the final round of testing on the development code; we’re now merging those changes with the production code. We’re very close, but it’s the final push that’s always the challenge.

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