Hack/Doc Fest IV at Smith College, June 3-5, 2009

Hack/Doc Fest IV is now! It’s running June 3-5, 2009 at Smith College. We’ll be focusing on usability testing and a solid CLAMP version of Moodle 1.9.5 to run through the next academic year.

Logistics Update: We’ll be in Wright Hall, starting in Room 5.  There’ll be coffee and breakfast-snacks at 8:30 a .m. and lunch will be provided.  We typically work until around 5 p.m. and then break for dinner. We have no set dinner plans any particular night.

Leaving Friday: People will be leaving at various times on Friday, as travel arrangements require, but we should still be able to accomplish something Friday morning.

Contact: Jo Cannon is the Smith coordinator for Hack/Doc Fest; you can reach her at 413 585-3472.

When: June 3 -5 (Wednesday – Friday)

Where: Smith College, Northampton, MA 01063

Travel: Closest airport = Bradley (BRD)


  • Smith College dorm room at $36.14 per night
  • Autumn Inn (no availability Friday night) – (413) 584-7660, 259 Elm St. Closest to the campus, walking distance to downtown. 
  • Quality Inn – (413) 586-1500, 117 Conz Street. 1 mile from campus, walkable to campus and downtown. Very convenient to the highway. Clarion – (413) 586-1211, 1 Atwood Dr. You’ll need a car to get to campus/downtown. Very convenient to the highway. 

Food: Smith will provide lunch, we may have a group dinner or two.

Reimbursement: The grant from NITLE will reimburse Hack-Doc related expenses is reimbursing $1200 for the first 15 registrants from NITLE schools.

Update (4/29): We hit our 15 person limit for reimbursements, but have  added four more reimbursable slots for Hack/Doc Fest IV at Smith College. There’s an important caveat: these slots are for coders. We’ve received a tremendous response to Hack/Doc Fest IV, but right now we have more instructional technologists than coders. These new slots are aimed at balancing our numbers a bit.

That said, “pay your own way” registration is not closed — there’s still plenty of room at Hack/Doc Fest for those who’d like to participate, and plenty of great projects to work on. Non-NITLE schools are welcome to join us as well, but we can’t offer you reimbursement.

Registering: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=phPoHjx8NuhV8I9WR9XesVg&hl=en

We really hope you will join us! Questions about this event can be directed to Jo Cannon at Smith College at jcannon@email.smith.edu.

Requesting Hacks, Fixes and Documentation: We’re assembling a list of projects for Hack/Doc Fest IV and want your feedback on what we should be tackling. View the draft project list (and add your own ideas).


  1. Kathy Cannon says:

    Hi Joanne,
    Is there a specific procedure for managing receipts for NITLE reimbursement? Specifically, Should those of us with NITLE reimbursement be paying on credit card or requesting invoice when registering for dorm space? And if we need to make advance purchases like rental cars and plane tickets, is it right to assume a personal credit card will be reimbursed?

    Also, I can only come for the Hack-Doc fest — do I use the same form for NITLE Camp registration for On Campus Housing space sent out by Christina Richison? (I ask after having already used the form). There are limited spaces.

    Thanks! – Kathy C

  2. lafayettenuke says:

    Kathy — I need to check with Jo about billing for dorm space; my understanding is that NITLE will be handling all of the dorm billing. As far as the rest of your expenses go, yes we can reimburse expenses paid with personal credit cards. I’ll need your actual receipts (no copies) for any food or travel related expenses. Car rental and plane receipts should be “zero balance” receipts (e.g. no preregistrations; I need something that shows you were charged and then paid for the item in question).

    I’ll get full reimbursement guidelines up next week.

    Ken Newquist

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