Moodle Development Workshop, Spring 2014

Wondering how to contribute to Moodle? CLAMP will host a Moodle Development Workshop on Monday, April 14 through Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at Smith College in Northampton, MA. This is a free event.

The workshop is designed as an introduction to Moodle development. It will include an overview of Moodle development practices, including code standards and version control.

Attendees will then put this knowledge to practical use by reviewing bugs reported in Moodle tracker, writing fixes for them, and then contributing those fixes back to Moodle core. Attendees can suggest bugs to work on as part of the workshop registration; those who do not have a particular issue they want to work on will be provided one at the workshop.

Knowledge of PHP is required.

The workshop will be led by Charles Fulton (Senior Web Applications Developer, Lafayette College) and Willy Lee (Web Administrator/Developer, Carleton College).



Lodging, Transportation, & Itinerary

  • Full event details, including lodging, transportation, parking instructions and the event itinerary, is available via Google Docs. View the itinerary.