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Hack/Doc Fest IV Reimbursement Procedure

All of the NITLE schools attending Hack/Doc Fest are eligible for reimbursement of food, travel and lodging expenses of up to $1,200. Requirements for reimbursement are as follows:

  1. The reimbursement deadline is June 17, 2009
    • Your receipts must be received by Lafayette by this date.
  2. We are following the Lafayette College reimbursement rules for food, which allow $50 per diem, including one alcoholic beverage. You may include tips in your reimbursements.
  3. The milage rate is .55.
  4. Your receipts for lodging and travel must show a zero balance, which means that the receipt should include:
    • the cost of your ticket or hotel stay
    • the credit card charge (or other payment) showing your paid the bill
    • a final balance of $0.
    • Note: This usually means you need to use your final bill, not the confirmation (which typically shows the cost, but not your payment).
  5. You must include all your original receipts. Printouts (e.g. for airplane ticket purchases) are ok.
    • Note: Scans of the receipts aren’t ok; we need the originals. We recommend that you make copies of your receipts before sending in the originals.
  6. Mail your completed reimbursement to:
    • Kenneth Newquist
    • David Bishop Skillman Library
    • 710 Sullivan Road
    • Lafayette College
    • Easton, PA 18042-1797

The reimbursement form:

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