CLAMP Recognition Award Winners for 2017-18

The CLAMP Steering Committee is proud to announce the 2017-18 winners of the CLAMP Recognition Awards.

Chad Bergeron, Academic Systems Administrator at Brandeis University, is one of those members of the CLAMP community who is consistently willing to help out others. He is a very active participant in the CLAMP Slack workspace and the CLAMP Moodle Exchange forum, where he regularly offers solutions and insights as well as initiating productive discussions with his own requests for assistance.

Kevin Wiliarty, Senior Web Programmer at Hampshire College, has participated in CLAMP since he attended the Furman Hack/Doc in the Winter of 2011. He is a constant source of patient insight on the CLAMP Moodle Exchange and on Slack. He is always willing to share his experience with others and has mentored several developers within CLAMP. When CLAMP has needed help, whether to maintain the Filtered Course List or integrate the Liberal Arts Edition, Kevin has stepped up. CLAMP previously presented this award to Kevin in 2013-2014.

About the Awards

The CLAMP Recognition Awards are awarded annually to one developer (e.g.; hacker) and one instructional technologist (e.g.; doc’er) to acknowledge outstanding achievement as members of the organization. These achievements include work on Moodle development, Moodle documentation, CLAMP organization and/or recruitment to CLAMP.

In 2017-18, the value of this award is $500. Learn more about the awards at