November Forum Roundup

A brief summary of the discussions that have been taking place on the CLAMP Moodle Exchange (CME) throughout November 2015.

CME Upgrade

The CLAMP Moodle Exchange has been updated to a newer version of Moodle and been given a new theme that brings it inline with the redesigned CLAMP website.

Monthly Moodle Conference Call

California Colleges and Universities (CCU) has had a long-running monthly Moodle conference call attended by a variety of schools.

Read the thread for more info about signing up for future calls.

Real-time Enrollment with Banner-Luminis-Message Broker

There’s a lengthy discussion on real-time enrollments with LMB, the end of Luminis Message Broker support, and the development of the Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP) in Luminis 5.

Read more and join the discussion.

Gradebook: Drop x Number of Lowest Grades

The inability to drop the lowest x number of grades from a category using Natural Weighting in the gradebook posed some questions, and it’s a topic that got a lot of attention at the Gradebook Workgroup in June 2014.

Learn more about it.

Assignment Submission Notification Plugin

A CLAMP member school has had a request for an assignment submission notification feature. Do you know of an existing plugin or have interest in developing this feature?

Join the discussion.