Updates: MUG, Hack/Doc, Moot, Nominations

CLAMP MUG and Hack/Doc Fest Updates

CLAMP has decided to cancel the 2015 Moodle Users Group event that was being planned for June 22-23 at The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. Unfortunately there were not enough presentation proposals to move forward with the event.

CLAMP’s Hack/Doc Fest will still be taking place June 24-26, 2015 at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. A pre-Hack/Doc documentation and coding sprint will be held Tuesday, June 23, 2015.

Hack/Doc Fest details: http://www.clamp-it.org/events/moodle-hackdoc-fest-summer-2015/

Moodle Moot US 2015 in Minneapolis

CLAMP is wondering which member schools may be interested in attending Moodle Moot US 2015 in Minneapolis this summer.


CLAMP is interested in the possibility of funding CLAMP members to attend the US Moot to talk about CLAMP, work on issues at the Hackfest, and just be awesome. Depending on the level of interest, CLAMP could consider covering costs in full (including travel, lodging, meals, and registration fees), or partial funding in the form of a stipend.

Please let us know if you’re considering attending and/or if you’re considering submitting a proposal. The decision on CLAMP funding cost coverage would depend on the responses we get via this form.


Nominations for Steering Committee Members and Recognition Awards

Nominate a school (maybe even your own) to serve on the CLAMP Steering Committee. Schools serve three year terms. Steering meets online once a month to help set the direction for the organization.

Nominate someone for the CLAMP Recognition Award. This $500 award goes to one hacker and one doc’er each year to recognize exceptional work in CLAMP.