Update to Filtered Course List

Version 2.4 of “Filtered course list” (for Moodle 2.6 or higher) introduces a number of fixes and enhancements. In the final phase of the upgrade you will be shown the “new settings,” but it is important to look at the new and the old settings together, so be sure to look at the block configuration once the upgrade is complete.

Note, too, that the default display name of the block has changed from “Current courses list” to “Filtered course list.” If you want to use the old title (or anything else), you can edit the title by turning editing on and clicking on the block’s gear icon.

The changelog includes:

  • Fixes style issues for the Clean family of themes
  • Introduces better handling for sites with one category but many courses
  • Allows admin to edit the display title
  • Allows category based display, including subcategory logic
  • Allows admin to see ‘own courses’ instead of all courses
  • Allows optional ‘other courses’ catch-all category
  • Allows admins to define up to ten custom rubrics to match shortcodes against
  • Allows admins to hide the block from guests