CLAMP Moodle 2.x Deployment Report 2011-12

In Spring 2012 CLAMP conducted a survey of member institutions to determine their plans for deploying Moodle 2.x. Twenty-one colleges responded to the survey.

At the time of the survey, 17 schools were running Moodle 1.9, of these 12 were running the Moodle Liberal Arts Edition. Two schools were running Moodle 2.x.

Of those running Moodle 1.9, 12 schools intended to move to Moodle 2.x by Fall 2012 (seven in Summer 2012, five in Fall 2012). One school intended to upgrade in January 2013, two schools in Fall 2013, and two were undecided. The planned version of Moodle 2.x that the schools would go with was dependent on when they would make the jump; versions ranged from 2.1 through 2.4.

Several schools intended to run pilots of Moodle 2.x in 2012 and 2013, with most schools (9) concluding their pilots by the end of Summer 2012. The breakdown was:

  • Spring 2012: 5 schools
  • Summer 2012: 4 schools
  • Fall 2013: 3 schools
  • Summer 2013: 1 school

Of the schools surveyed, 12 intended to run the Moodle 2.x Liberal Arts Edition, three did not, and five were undecided.

When asked about specific concerns or comments they had about the Moodle 2.x migration, the File System Changes (5) and Training Faculty (5) were tied for the most responses.

Other issues/concerns included: Performance issues (3), User Interface seen as difficult, not Web 2.0 (3), Porting Blocks, Quickmail, Customizations and 3rd party plug-ins (3), Conversion of 1.9 courses and backups to 2.x (3), Integration with Social Media (1), Integration with Banner (1) and Accessibility in 2.x (1).