Requesting Hacks, Fixes and Documentation for Hack/Doc Fest IV

Hack/Doc Fest is coming soon, and we’re starting to put together our list of possible tasks for the event. We’re in the process of gathering and reviewing the usability tests that a number of schools conducted in the spring, and we expect a good chunk of our work to be guided by those results.

As always though, we’re looking for suggestions from the community about things *you* want us to look at and work on. These can be bug fixes, hacks, functionality improvements, documentation, road testing, etc. 

Note: You don’t have to be attending Hack/Doc Fest to make suggestions — we’d like suggestions from the entire community. 

Here’s a rough list based on brainstorming by the steering committee. None of this is set in stone (save for updating the Moodle: Liberal Arts Edition package to Moodle 1.9.5 and rolling in all of our fixes/patches/commonly used modules, etc.)

Instructional Technologists
  • Move existing documentation to
  • documentation for 1.9.5 Gradebook, Groups, Roles, …
  • QuickStart Guide for novices
  • Usability testing
    • 2nd round
    • Verify bugs
    • Index videos
    • Generate list of User Interface Design issues
  • Review
  • Instructions for how to customize Moodle
  • Build CLAMP illustrated bibliography of presentations, etc.
  • Implement Documentation Workflow:
    • Wiki: first page menu to sections, page for each section, page for each piece of documentation  
    • Tracker issue for each post to assign workflow elements
    • Post to Redmine (any pasted data should be text only; all formatting in Wiki)
    • Post draft, assign to reviewer
    • Review, assign back to poster
    • Revise, elicit feedback
    • Finalize
    • Post to CLAMP-IT, etc.
  • Create Audio-visual documentation on vanilla LA version, create scripts that can be made specific to institution
  • Create series of “Moodle Minute” entries — short tidbits or “Did you knows?”

  • Create LA version for 1.9.5
  • Debug Roles and security reports for roles
  • Create Autorun process for testing script
  • Formalize Census module
  • Evaluate NanoGong for inclusion in LA version or create separate package for it (use CK editor and Tiny MCE)
  • Develop patch for integrating CKEditor and TinyMCE into Moodle 1.9.5.
  • Repair Assignment Zip
  • Polish and possibly broaden Course Block
  • Fix major bug in Scheduler
  • Tweak Single File Upload – correct display of icons
  • iTunes Block
  • Bug List
  • List of regular Hacks to potentially include in LA version

Graphic Designer (from Smith) in conjunction with instructional Technologists

  • Create a CLAMP Theme
  • Screen mock-ups as result of usability testing
  • Potentially brainstorm My-Moodle design

Please add your ideas to this list! Not sure if something fits? Just ask! Feel free to post a comment or email me at