CLAMP Code Standards and Guidelines

In order for a module or code to be included in the CLAMP LAE, it should adhere to the following:

  • The code must be used by at least three CLAMP schools.

  • The code must have an active maintainer.

  • The code must be reviewed by a CLAMP member other than the primary maintainer.

  • The code must work as documented and throw no errors/notices.

  • If the module or code is removed or turned off, Moodle functionality must revert back to its original state.

  • The code must be well commented.

  • The code must follow core coding standards as documented in For best practices, use the Codechecker plugin to evaluate the code.

  • The code must be managed under Git.

  • The code must be available under the GPL or a more permissive license.

See CLAMP Code Intake for more on getting your code into the LAE.