Travel Grants

The Collaborative Liberal Arts Moodle Project (CLAMP) provides grants to support travel to its biannual Hack/Doc events. The purpose of these grants is to encourage new CLAMP participants to attend a Hack/Doc, meet their colleagues in Moodle support roles and contribute to our shared work.

CLAMP will reimburse an applicant’s institution for travel costs of up to $500. CLAMP will make three grants available for each Hack/Doc event (for a total of six grants per year).

Eligibility and Requirements

Any employee of a liberal arts institution with significant responsibility for supporting or maintaining Moodle is eligible to apply.

Preference will be given to first-time participants in a CLAMP Hack/Doc, applicants from schools which have never participated in a Hack/Doc before, and to applicants affiliated with institutional CLAMP members.

Application Process

To apply, fill out this form with the name, title, and institutional affiliation of the applicant, and a brief statement of the applicant’s experience with Moodle support.

Applications will be reviewed by the CLAMP Steering Committee. Applications for the forthcoming Hampshire Hack/Doc are due by May 10; the Steering Committee will select recipients and notify all applicants by May 12.