Moodle 2.8.2+Liberal Arts Edition v8.0.1

CLAMP is pleased to announce Moodle 2.8.2+Liberal Arts Edition v8.0.1. This is CLAMP’s first official Moodle 2.8 release. Full details about this release can be found in the readme file for this release.

With this release CLAMP officially deprecates and removes three contributed modules: LAE Grader, LAE User, and “old” Quickmail. As described in the core release announcement, Moodle 2.8 incorporated numerous improvements to the gradebook. Bob Puffer of Luther College, who maintained LAE Grader and LAE User, was closely involved with these improvements and has discontinued the development of his modules. CLAMP recommends that for 2.8 and future releases clients use the core grader reports.

Since the Moodle 2.6 release CLAMP has deprecated “old” Quickmail in favor of CLAMPMail. These changes are documented in a separate blog post. CLAMP has now removed “old” Quickmail from its distribution.

In addition, CLAMP has begun distributing the “News forum” local module, which was developed by Charles Fulton at Lafayette College. This module ensures that the news forum is created for all courses on course creation.

Finally, the 2.8 release includes several updates. Most important among these are several enhancements to the Filtered Course List by Kevin Wiliarty of Smith College. Version 2.5  (for Moodle 2.6 or higher) introduces two new features and one bug fix. Course rubrics can now be set by an admin to be collapsible, and shortname matches can now be powered by a regular expression. One course can now satisfy multiple shortname matches. On the back end comprehensive PHP unit and Behat acceptance testing help to insure the stability of the code.

  • Release date: 1/19/2015

Getting the release: